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Decision Making

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Lionel Spearman

This is a great post but have found depending on corporate culture the practical application of this fails in that many corporate cultures reward conformity and are not looking for people who think as such. Some cultures prefer to place blame instead of investigate find and eliminate root cause.

As to your question - would simply show them my portfolio, have them speak with my clients, as well as have them ask me any questionthey like and offer to have the observe the process I used to resolve the issue. So I guess I would not use my words so much as others and would try to find crative ways to demonstrate my abilities.

Dick Rowan

Mike. Looking forward to reading your blog, "own your brand." http://www.ownyourbrand.com/

Dick Rowan

Thanks so much, Mike, for the comment and the encouragement. Where would we be without sports analogies! I am taking some time to think about the concept of read-ready in the context of decision-making, and hope to post on it soon. Thanks again.

Michael Wagner

This is an interesting post because it dovetails with leadership training we've been working with clients on that we call "read-ready".

We're borrowing from football that depends on coaching players to make a series of "looks" and "reads" just before plays.

Our first client for this was a fighter wing of the Air National Guard who wanted airman who "can think critically, act appropriately, and succeed in ambiguous situations." I'm quoting you but your words are almost exactly what the commanding Colonel wanted.

Thanks for extending this conversation!

Keep creating,

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