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Click on the earth, the close-up is a wonderful image. Indeed sometimes words may be superfluous.

On this Earth Day, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson signed a national "statement of intent" to promote and use "green infrastructure" initiatives (green roofs, urban wetlands and rain barrels to catch rainwater). He said
"Earth Day is an annual reminder to all Americans that environmental responsibility is everyone's responsibility".
from http://presszoom.com/print_story_129839.html

Dick Rowan

Thanks, Joe. I love the Moody's. I was active on my campus in the second Earth Day, in 1971. This post was the 36th anniversary of that.

Joe Begalla

Dick: This is a great post...one where a picture says a thousand words. It reminds me of these lines from the old Moody Blues:

Gazing past the planets
Looking for total view
I've been laying here for hours
You gotta make the journey out and in

Wonders of a lifetime
Right there before your eyes
Searching with this life of ours
You gotta make the journey out and in
Out and in, out and in

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