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Decision Making

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"Letting others make your choices" made me think of the first and last stages of life when children and the elderly have/are given few choices.
Parenting classes can show us how to give limited choices to our children(many heartfelt thanks to early 20th century visionaries Alfred Adler & Rudolf Dreikurs http://www.alfredadler.edu/resources/adlerianlinks.htm
The title of that page reads "Practical Psychology, Inspiring Change" - democratic changes at that, but that would be for another Comment, must stop going into a tangent).
... so as we grow old others start deciding for us.
But last year we saw how Art Buchwald refused to let others make his choices and decided how he wanted to die and in so doing extended his life, and gave us a few more laughs and many tears.
I also remembered a short story Bertold Brecht wrote of a "shameless old woman" http://www.americanstate.org/brecht.html who, widowed, refuses to let her children make her choices and steps out of the boundaries she had been living in and to the shock of some of her family members and community, begins to live life fully and freely at last.
May we all continue to exercise our choices.

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