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Laura Young

Yeah, you are sounding old...just like me when I rant! You see, I think you have to have a few years behind you to rant properly. Look at Lewis Black.
My husband and I are already able to spot which of our friends are more likely to end up as curmudgeons and which are going to be coots.
(Husband? Coot, definitely. Me...still hangs in the balance...maybe a biddy?)
Anyways, I digress...
You bring up a huge point here and one that makes me want to rant every other day. I see it rampantly all over coaching, for example. Repackaged information spewed out for the sake of getting some market share. I'm all for paying the rent. I'd even in favor of having some funds left over after the bills are paid. I just wonder where we will go for true wisdom and innovation if this continues at the pace it is.
And here is the thing about getting older. I think you can't see this until you have some distance to look back.

Hey, Shakespeare said it long before you and I...there is nothing new under the sun.

Dang it!
Yours in the struggle,

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