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Decision Making

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Richard Rowan

WOW, Joe. What a contribution you have made to my thinking. You are great. My (quick-deciding) zombie likes Corrugated Paper is Stronger than Chipboard. It says a lot to me on many levels. Alas, I live in a very diverse world with many other views. I will employ all members of my decision team to study your suggestions. Thanks!

Joseph Begalla

Whoops: I almost missed your call for entries!

My Suggestions for Tagline:
Extracting Meaning from the Information Overload
Finding Meaning in the Information Horde
Finite Decisions from Infinite Information
Developing Meaning from the Information Mass
Pulling the Idea out of Ideas
Critical Choices from the Information Stockpile
Decisons with Precision
Envisioning Decisions
Decsions of Consequence...with Consciousness
Observing Process in Decision-Making
Comments on the Decision Process
Conclusions of Consequence
Determing Point of View
Determination from Observation
Helping Find Some Points of View
Singular Ideas from Various Points of View
Finding the Central Idea
Filling the Gaps in the Information Synapse
Ideas for Conclusions of Consequence
Derivitive Equations for Extracting Meaning
Traveling Various Routes to Meaning
Simplicity from Complexity
Observations on the Process Construct
Deriving Meaning from Massive Data
Conclusions that Make Sense
Finding Core Ideas in the Information Heap
Processing for Baseline Ideas
Alternative Equations for Making Sense of Things
Corrugated Paper is Stronger than Chipboard
My Brother Bought the Bettman Archive!

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