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Decision Making

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Joe Begalla

How would you recast the premises of “IT Governance and Decay” into the larger framework of current political experience in the U.S.?

In today’s NY Times, Maureen Dowd’s response to a reader’s question triggered me to assess the rationale of the decision making processes that determined my personal voting choices in past elections. Here’s a question to Dowd that I would like to see discussed in this blog:

(Q. How hopeful are you that America will be an example of innovation and forward-thinking once again? Steven Henry, Miami, Fla.)

(A. We're in a dark ages now, with the government pulling science backward, and suffocating research on stem cells, and encouraging the idea that Intelligent Design is a legitimate alternative to evolution studies. This is a long way from JFK's New Frontier attitude. But I think most Americans like to be on the cutting edge of culture and science, and will want that reflected, sooner or later, in our leaders.)

My questions are: Does this reader’s question reflect a valid state of affairs in the U.S., and does Dowd’s answer provoke any comment on the decision-making processes that we Americans use to select our leaders?

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